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NWB sets annual budget 

The NWB set its annual budget for FY 16-17 during the annual budget meeting last week. Letters to contractors and organizations who submitted RFPs for FY16-17 will be sent out shortly notifying whether or not funding was allotted by NWB. Those with questions prior to receiving their letter may contact the NWB office.

Nebraska Wheat crop report

Drier conditions allowed for more maturation of the crop, with much of the wheat headed and some flowering across the state. Read more about this and other issues in the most recent crop report here.

Fun with Wheat Blog

This week’s treat:  Crockpot Cherry Chocolate Lava Cake. Find the recipe here.

Wheat Podcasts

Randon Peters, NWGA president talks about his appointment as chair of the Domestic Trade and Policy Committee for the National Association of Wheat Growers. 






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