The following are podcast copies of interviews conducted with farmers and wheat industry representatives regarding issues affecting wheat production in Nebraska. The original interviews are conducted and broadcast by KRVN and are shared here again with their permission.

3-11-17:  Randon Peters, NWGA president discusses his participation in Commodity Classic, meetings with the National Association of Wheat Growers and his trip to Washington DC.

      Randon Peters Commodity Classic 3-11

3-4-17:  Caroline Brauer, NWGA executive director discusses the organization’s participation in Commodity Classic. 

      Caroline Brauer Commodity Classic 3-4

2-24-1:  Dave Green, Executive VP of the Wheat Quality Council talks about his new role with the organization and the meeting held by WQC earlier in the week.

      Dave Green Wheat Quality Council 2-25

2-10-17:  Steve Mercer, VP of communications for US Wheat Associates talks about the MAP and FMD programs, how Nebraskans had a role in starting international marketing efforts the 1960s, and what the two programs do for farmers today.

      Steve Mercer MAP and FMD 2-11

2-3-17:  Brent Robertson, NWB chairman, talks about the board members’ trip to Washington DC for national wheat meetings and conversations with congressional leaders.

      Robertson2-3 DC meetings

1-7-17:  Royce Schaneman, NWB executive director talks about the organization’s many upcoming seminars, meetings and events for January.


12-31-16:  Randon Peters, NWGA president talks about the upcoming NWGA annual meeting to be held in Kearney on January 16, 2017.


12-10-16:  Dr. Stephen Baenziger, the wheat breeder from UNL, discusses his participation in the National Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative forum he attended. 


9-10-16:  Caroline Brauer, NWB Ag Promotion Coordinator, talks about the organization’s upcoming participation in Husker Harvest Days.


8-27-16:  Brent Robertson, NWB board member, talks about being elected NWB chairman and the upcoming year.

      Brent Robertson 8-27

8-20-16:  Von Johnson, NWB board member, talks about his participation in a trade mission to Taiwan. 

      Von Johnson Wheat Report 8-20

8-5-16:  Chad Weigand, assistant regional vice president of the US Wheat Associates Mexican, Central American and Caribbean region office talks about the Venezuelan trade team that visited Nebraska.

      Chad Weigand 8-5

7-30-16:  Dan Steinkruger, executive director of the Nebraska FSA, talks about LDPs.

      Dan Steinkruger 7-30

7-14-16:  Royce Shaneman talks about NWB’s participation in the NAYI (Nebraska Ag Youth Institute) program convention.

      Royce Schaneman NAYI 7-14

7-9-16:  Tracey Zeorian talks about the challenges of custom harvesting.


5-21-16:  Randon Peters, NWGA president talks about his appointment as chair of the Domestic Trade and Policy Committee for the National Association of Wheat Growers.


5-14-16:  Royce Schaneman, NWB executive director talks about the Gulf Wheat Export and Marketing tour.


5-7-16:  Kent Lorens, NWB District 4 representative talks about the status of the Nebraska Wheat Crop.


4-30-16:  Hugh Whaley with the National Association of Wheat Growers talks about the National Wheat Foundation’s yield contest.


4-23-16:  NWB intern and wheat ambassador Colton Flower talks about the ambassadors’ participation in Husker Food Connection at UNL.

      Flower 4-23

4-16-16:  UNL Plant Pathologist Stephen Wegulo talks about stripe rust in Nebraska wheat fields.

      Wegulo 4-16

4-9-16:  Royce Schaneman talks about hosting the Plains Grains Inc. meeting in Lincoln, NE.

4-2-16:  Tim O’Connor with the Wheat Foods Council discusses the organization’s work to educate people on gluten.


3-17-16:  Mark Hodges, director of Plains Grains Inc., discusses hosting the Nebraska Wheat Gulf Export and Marketing Workshop.


3-4-16:  Von Johnson, NWB board member discusses participation in the Governor’s Ag Conference


2-26-16:  Caroline Brauer, NWB ag promotion coordinator on the upcoming Bake & Take celebration in March


2-13-16:  Jim Palmer, CEO of the National Association of Wheat Growers on legislative efforts of the organization and the importance of farmer and state organization input


2-12-16:  Brent Robertson, NWB member and farmer from Elsie on the effects of the snow and weather on the wheat crop


2-5-16:  Colton Flower, NWB intern on the duties of the position and what he’s learned


1-29-16:  Rick Larson, NWB chairman on the trip of NWB and NWGA to Washington DC for national meetings and visits with several congressional leaders


1-15-16:  Steve Wirsching, U.S. Wheat Associates on work being done out of Portland office and his visit with Nebraska producers in Portland for a Wheat Export workshop

      Steve Wirsching

1-8-16:  Randon Peters, NWGA president, on being elected and the NWGA annual meeting


12-26-15:  Jancie Cooper, Wheat Marketing Center director on the Wheat Export and Marketing Workshop hosted by NWB


12-11-15: Josh Tonsager, NAWG Legislative Director on restoring crop insurance and tax extenders